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Welcome to Grow Together School. We are a decentralised community network of teachers, parents and students. Driven by the need for change in the education system. We want a better future for our children, parents and teachers. Register to be connected to accredited teachers and to other parents who are seeking alternative education arrangements.

Qualified Teachers

Why Grow Together School


A place to connect teachers, parents and students looking for similar education interests in a private network.

High Standards

The platform ensures teachers meet a high standard. Background checks, certification and interviews will be conducted prior to acceptance.

Backed by Teachers

Completely backed by accredited teachers who are revolutionising decentralised education and social groups in Australia.

Online and Face to Face courses

Children can be taught online, face to face or both depending on the option parents choose and what the teachers offer. The platform has learning management software and Zoom integration to provide an all-in-one solution.

Sovereign Groups

All teachers and parents united in groups will be their own decentralised unique systems. Contracts, interviews and schedules are between the parents and teachers. We will provide the network, customer support and technology to facilitate.

Strong Ethos

We are firm in our ethos. Children first, freedom of choice, respecting human rights and a vetted strong network of qualified teachers.

Sovereign groups

We created this platform to put the connection, growth and empowerment back into the hands of parents and teachers.
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Providing a platform where you are a sovereign teacher, running your own business, under your own rules and best suited to your lifestyle
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Creating a new decentralised education community and supporting parents to find teachers.
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Connecting teachers and parents.

The Grow Together School connects teachers and parents to create systems that work to empower the students.

We support groups of parents joining together to pay a teachers salary. Sovereign teachers connecting locally and online with groups, teaching children classic and revolutionary education, plus much more. 

Let’s grow together.

Grow Together Offers

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1 Community
2 Social Network
3 Online Learning
4 Face to Face Learning
5 Learning Experience
6 Support

Find your Local Tribe

A place to connect teachers and parents to create localised or satellite groups and classrooms from all over the country. Online learning, face to face or both, you decide!

The platform allows geographical search to find each other easily. Parents can find teachers and vice versa. 

Find your Local Tribe
Social Network

Social Network

Communicate easily and privately within your groups, community and networking system. 

Private message, post an update, advise of an event, advertise services, create and post on forums plus more. 

Explore a closed network specific to education away from the large social media companies.

Social Network
Online Learning

Online Learning

The online learning management system is  structured to maximise content delivery and increase completion rates.

Allowing students to complete courses with ease and teachers to create courses using a range of valuable tools. 

Zoom is integrated within the platform for meetings, learning and interaction. 

Students can take online, quizzes, submit assessments and teachers can easily mark and manage in the Course Dashboard.

Full cloud storage is included for all course and lesson media including video, images, docs, audio files and much more.

Online Learning
Face to Face Learning

Arranging Face to Face

An integral part of Grow Together platform was formed upon the emphasis of enabling face to face learning.

We think it's an important part of a child's education and wanted this to be an easy option for parents and teachers to arrange.

If both parties agree, face to face learning will be part of the arrangement created. Also, parents can form local groups to ensure face to face social or learning groups is facilitated. Easily find groups, create your own and arrange learning and social gatherings privately within the group.

Arranging Face to Face
Learning Experience

Immersive Learning Experience

An online learning experience, not just courses. Zoom is fully integrated with the platform so students will learn more and can also enjoy features like light and dark mode amongst many others.

8 Question Types

Single choice, multiple choice, free text, sorting, matching, essay, fill-in-the-blank, and survey including video, audio, and images to any of the questions & answer choices.

Immersive Learning Experience

Help Guide & Help Desk

Clear, concise videos and comprehensive help guides of the key functionality backed up by timely assistance available whenever you need it.

Help Guide & Help Desk

Limitless learning opportunities for students

Join the network to find local groups launching new programs for students. Want a teacher to facilitate a specific type of education for your child? Join up and connect.

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