About us

Grow Together School was born out of the need for a private sovereign educational community for parents, students and teachers.

As a group of concerned parents, teachers and citizens we united to provide a solution for many of the cracks being revealed in the education system. 

We created this platform to put the connection, growth and empowerment back into the hands of parents and teachers. 

We are not a top-down education organisation. We prioritise individuality within decentralised group systems connecting on a larger network. 

Our ethos is simple but strong: Children first and respect for freedom of choice and human rights. 


The Grow Together Sunflower

What does the sunflower represent to us?


Our values at Grow Together

At Grow Together we are passionate about choice and the need for change.​

Our Vision

Grow Together's vision is to provide a unique network of empowered teachers and parents creating the best system of education for the children.

Helping you have a positive effect on your community

Join us for a place to Grow Together

We are firm in our ethos. Children first, freedom of choice, respecting human rights and a vetted strong network of qualified teachers.