Grow Together is committed to supporting teachers through their transition into alternative education settings.

Qualified Teachers

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Local Groups

Find your Local Tribe

A place to connect teachers to parents and create localised or satellite groups and classrooms from all over the country. You decide!

The platform allows geographical search for teachers by parent members and teachers can form unlimited groups and classrooms as required.

Find your Local Tribe
Social Network

Social Network

Communicate easily and privately within your groups, community and networking system. 

Private message, post an update, advise of an event, advertise services, create and post on forums plus more. 

Explore a closed network specific to education away from the large social media companies.

Social Network

Structured to Maximise Content Delivery

Course content is structured using leading online learning principles to maximise your content delivery and increase completion rates.

Structured to Maximise Content Delivery

Superior Quizzing Capabilities

The most powerful quizzing engine in the industry engage students with eight different question types, any form of media supported, graduation levels, automation sequences, and more!

Superior Quizzing Capabilities

Immersive Learning Experience

Create a learning experience, not just courses, as a seamless extension of your teaching style. Your students will learn more and can enjoy features like light and dark mode amongst many others.

Immersive Learning Experience

Built to Grow with You

Create unlimited courses, additional content layers, splice out content for micro-courses, add group learners into cohorts, automate notifications, and so much more!

Built to Grow with You

Help Guide & Help Desk

Clear and concise videos and comprehensive help guides of the key Course functionality backed up by timely assistance available whenever you need it.

Help Guide & Help Desk

Grow Together Features

Full Access to the Online Community
Full Teacher Member Profile
Private Sovereign Groups
Private & Group Messaging
Customer Help Desk & Support
Community News Feed
Create Private Clasrooms
Create Unlimited Online Courses & Classes
Create Private or Public Forum Discussions
Integration with Zoom - All on one platform
Geographical Search for Teacher & Parent Members
Filtered Teacher Search - Year Level, Religion, Disability, etc.
Connect with Parents & Engage in an Agreement
Options for Face to Face and Online Learning

Create Meaningful Questions & Assessments

8 Question Types

Single choice, multiple choice, free text, sorting, matching, essay, fill-in-the-blank, and survey.

Flexible Question Display

Show all questions at once, one at a time, several on a page, and even allow users to skip.

Block Progression

Require that a user passes a quiz before they can continue.

Question Banks

Create question banks and organise them into categories.


Randomly display both questions and the available answers.

Time Limits

Limit and track the amount of time users spend taking a quiz.

Insert Any Media

Add video, audio, and images to any of the questions & answer choices.

Limit Attempts

Set a limit for the number of times a quiz can be attempted.

Provide Hints

Give text, video, and image hints to users as they go through your quiz.

Course view for students

Examples of Alternative Education

See how Grow Together can be utilised to form groups for alternative education settings.


Joy Group

Mornington Peninsula, VIC

A group of parents band together to pay a teachers salary and form Joy Group, which enabled them to connect with a local teacher to teach their 15 children.


Surf EDU

Sapphire Coast NSW

A classic education plus health and wellbeing group of two teachers and 18 students. They learn online part time, have wellbeing programs and surf together.


Jackson Co

Cairns, QLD

A teacher has set up his own business and found 5 students he is teaching personally via online and face to face. He involves the students and parents in community projects locally. 

Benefits For Teachers


Access to the decentralised community network of like-minded parents and students wishing to utilise your skillset and passion for teaching.

High Standards

The platform ensures teachers meet a high standard. Background checks, certification and interviews will be conducted prior to acceptance.

Backed by Teachers

Completely backed by accredited teachers who are revolutionising education and homeschooling in Australia.

Online and Face to Face courses

You will have the ability to create online courses within the platform and utilise these within your classroom groups. Online teaching includes integration with Zoom, coupled with the ability to organise face to face learning as well.

Sovereign Groups

All teachers and parents united in groups will be their own decentralised unique system. Contracts, interviews and schedules are between teachers and parents. We will support, connect and provide the technology to facilitate this.

Revolutinary Education

Connect with teachers, parents or groups creating revolutionary education. New programs built by passionate educators who put children first. Create your own course and share using the Grow Together learning management system.

ABN Requirements for Self-Employed Teachers

To reach our objective of independent, decentralised, sovereign groups within the Grow Together School, you will be required to operate as a self-employed sole trader business on the platform with your own ABN (Australian Business Number).

If you do not have ABN yet, please apply below.

PayPal Account for Online Course Selling

If you intend to sell your Courses online, i.e. have your course content uploaded and available for anyone to purchase on the platform at any time, you will require a PayPal account so payments made on the course platform can be transferred to your account.

Note: The Grow Together School only accepts payments for Courses that are available for sale online to all users of the platform. Agreements and renumeration between parents and teachers is negotiated separately and these payments are made direct from parents to teachers.


Teacher and Training Consultant Insurance

Smart Insurance for teacher and training consultants.

As a teacher or training consultant, you want your insurance to work just as hard as you do. Contractor Cover will put the best possible insurance in place to protect you at a more cost-effective price.

  • Insurance especially for Australian teachers and trainers
  • Expert Australian brokers
  • Quote in seconds and Certificate of Currency in minutes

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Teachers

Professional Indemnity Insurance covers your legal liability for a breach of your professional duty and means legal costs and damages which come out of negligence claims are taken care of. For teachers and training consultants, this type of cover is essential.

Personal Accident and Illness Cover for Teachers

If you suddenly found yourself unable to work as a teacher or training consultant, you could quickly find yourself in a situation where you’re unable to meet your financial obligations. For your peace of mind, take out Personal Accident and Illness Cover which will make sure you’re still paid a portion of your income until you recover if you can’t work due to injury or illness.

General Property Cover for Teachers and Training Consultants

Teachers and training consultants are often transporting equipment back and forth in their cars, such as overhead projectors and laptops. Along with it being highly inconvenient if something happens to your equipment, these items are also quite very expensive to replace. Make sure you have General Property Cover in place while will cover you if your equipment is lost or stolen.

Public Liability Insurance for Teachers

If you teach from your home or a private space, Public Liability Insurance will protect you from the cost of a claim if anyone is injured. This will offer you peace of mind and means you’re covered in the event of the unexpected.

Tax Audit Cover for Teachers

Like any profession, teachers and training consultants could find themselves on the receiving end of a tax audit which brings with it the expense of having to hire a professional to complete the audit on your behalf. Tax Audit Cover means you can be assured that these costs will be covered.

Note: The Grow Together School is not responsible for any insurance or liability and as you are self-employed on the platform, insurance cover is strongly advised. Grow Together School is not affiliated with Contractor Cover and receives no financial incentives.

Admission Process

To sign up for Grow Together School as a teacher please follow the steps to sign up and connect with the community.

The Grow Together School decentralised platform is designed to give the power back to teachers and parents to directly connect with each other to make their own sovereign relationships. Contracts, agreements, interviews, schedules and communication is directly between the parents and teachers, therefore, creating a strong and independent private network community and revolutionising the education system. 



Start your teacher application with supporting documents and pay your application fee. One of our team members will process this and arrange an interview.



After application approval, set up your membership and teacher profile. Get acquainted with the learning management system, or even start adding the content of your courses so you are ready to hit the ground running.



Start to connect with parents and other teachers and build your network. Create classroom groups using the online learning management system and schedule custom schooling options directly with parents. Learning can be face to face, online or both. You and the parents decide what works best!

Need Help?


Please find below frequently asked questions by teachers.

All teachers will be self-employed and will be responsible for setting up their own ABN, invoicing and collecting payments.

Contracts, interviews and schedules are negotiated between teachers and parents.

We will support, connect and provide the technology to facilitate this. 

Note – Online courses for sale on the website is covered below.

Yes, you can create online courses that you have for sale online (“Buy Now”or “Recurring”) to any user at anytime. 

These online courses don’t generally require large teacher input and can cover any type of educational content. For example, a course in Meditation.

The payment for these courses are handled by the payment gateway (PayPal) on the platform and therefore will have 10% admin and merchant fees deducted from the course price. Please factor this into your pricing.

If you are planning on using this feature you must have a PayPal account so transfers of course proceeds (90%) can be made bi-monthly.

Otherwise, all other agreements, schedules and payments are made direct between the parents and teachers, helping create the decentralised network.

The platform has been set up so you can search geographically for parents and they can alternatively search by location for teachers as well.

Plus parents can also search by Year Level, Religious Philosophy, Disability, Size of Groups, Type of Learning offered and High School Subjects to filter matching teacher profiles.

You have unlimited courses, lessons and classrooms. Create as many as required for your classes and students.

Yes you can add as many classrooms groups as you require. Groups can be made private (so by email invite or approved requested access from a teacher) whereby you can manage the group, operate your zoom classrooms, add your course or lesson content, send messages and notifications all in the one place.

Yes you can cancel or pause your membership at any time. 

Yes, your monthly membership includes support to help you get the best from the platform. A comprehensive “How to” guide and videos are available as well as support tickets.

Yes, you will need firstly fill out an application form and pay your one-off administration fee and one of our team members will complete your checks and arrange an interview.

Once accepted you sign up for a monthly membership and will have full access to the platform to create your teacher profile, start connecting and building your course content.

Yes, as the platform has many users, teachers will require their own Zoom account. We have a detailed tutorial on how to connect your Zoom account with the platform.

Zoom offer a free plan with meetings up to 40mins. If you require meetings longer than this you can purchase a Pro plan

Get Connected and Grow Together

A decentralised community of like-minded parents and teachers who wish to network and arrange homeschooling for their children with independent qualitfied teachers.